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Would you like to take a look inside the facilities of glassworks and jewellery workshops and be able to make your first glass product by yourself? Many companies have opened up to visitors and let them experience and see what´s behind their art. 

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Beadgame - beadworld

Pencin (Jablonec nad Nisou)The biggest producer and exporter of quality hand-pressed beads in the Czech Republic. Glassmaking

Detesk s.r.o.

Zelezny BrodCompany Detesk s.r.o. is situated in city Železný Brod, in region Bohemian Paradise. Glassmaking

FABOS, s. r. o.

Jablonec nad Nisou Glassmaking

Florian\\\\'s Glass Foundry

CastoloviceThe Florian glass foundry offers a tour including hand manufacture of utility glassware. Glassmaking

Gallery Granát

TurnovThe origins of the exhibition about Granát Turnov’s artistic production date back to 1998 to the 45th anniversary of its establishment and some four years ...

Glassworks Slavia

Novy BorThe world of Glassworks Slavia is the hand made glass production.

Kamila Studio

TurnovIn Kamila Parsi’s studio, you can observe the production of glass pieces, jewellery, pins, flowers and blown glass beads. Glassmaking


Zelezny BrodThe production and sale of lamp beads and costume jewellery made from them Glassmaking

Museum of Glass - the Novosad & syn Glassworks, Harrachov

HarrachovThe Museum of Glass is a unique collection, comprising more than five thousand exhibits, which makes it the largest and most valuable collection of glass ...Museums and galleries


Jablonec nad Nisou Glassmaking


PoniklaThe widest selection of our ornaments can undoubtedly be found directly in our Glittering Beauty shop in Poniklá, in region Giant Mountains. Glassmaking

Skleněné perle ze Zásady - Petr Klamt

Zasada Glassmaking
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