Boating Trail on the Jizera River

The waterman trail of the Jizera River from Harrachov, Na Mýtě - Víchová nad Jizerou, Horní Sytová will take you through the beautiful valleys of the Jizera.

Length: 20.5 km
Harrachov, Na Mýtě (station of departure Harrachov, Dlouhý potok - departure and arrival
Jablonec nad Jizerou, Pod ostrovem - departure and arrival
Poniklá, Hradsko - departure and arrival
Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Vilémov - departure and arrival
Víchová nad Jizerou, Horní Sytová - arrival

The route is designed for vehicles and rafts without a motor (raft, canoe, kayak). You can only depart and land your boats at the stations of departure and arrival. The stations and the access to the stations are marked with information signs. It is forbidden to land or depart at other places in order to protect the natural habitats of the vegetation stand along the banks.


Harrachov, 512 46

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