Water Sports in the Krkonoše

You can travel down the Jizera and Labe in the region of our highest mountains if the water flow is satisfactory.

The Jizera River is passable on vehicles without a motor (raft, canoe, kayak) along the whole river length. The Labe is passable along its upper section, between the Labská Dam and the Kukačka, on condition that the flow rate is greater than 10 m3, which is mostly during the spring melting season. Those who are interested must register and ask for a permit in the Terrain Information Centre KRNAP in Špindlerův Mlýn. The permit is strictly limited to the aforementioned higher water level. The permits are for free and area available only on the day as planned.

You must depart and land only at stations of departure and arrival. The stations and access to the stations are marked with information signs. It is strictly forbidden to depart or land at other places in order to protect the natural habitats of the vegetation stand along the banks.


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