Mountain Climbing in the Krkonoše

The Krkonoše are a mountain range with long and rounded ridges so there are not many good terrains for mountain climbing. The distinctive rock outcrops at the ridges area mostly located in the National Park Zone I or Zone II and are not available to mountain climbers.

Mountain and ice climbing in the territory of the Krkonoše National Park is forbidden, with the exception of the following localities:
- Hnědé Skály (cadastral area: Strážné, lot No. 1958/1)
- Hranostají Skála (cadastral area: Strážné, lot No. 1892)
- Emin Kámen (cadastral area: Labská, lot No. 103/16, 17)
- Lubošské Skály (cadastral area: Harrachov, lot No. 1033/36)

They are designed for training, available for climbing any time during the year.

Climbing in any other locality in the national park is forbidden.


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