Osečná is located in the southern part of Ještědské pohoří, on the outskirts of Ralská pahorkatina, at the elevation of 379m.

Osečná was probably founded by a member of the Vartenberk family in the first half of the 13th century, on the country trade route between Český Dub and Děvín Castle. In 1565 St. Vitus's Church was built there in which the family vault of the Bieberstein family is located.

Lázně Kundratice, a spa, is attached to Osečná. It ranks among the oldest spas in Bohemia using peat as a natural healing source.

Osečná extends in picturesque landscape. Apart from woods, meadows and grasslands, there are also several ponds near Osečná. The Ploučnice River runs through the town, beginning north of the town at Jenišovský rybník. The entire surrounding region is criss-crossed by a dense network of cycle tracks and hiking trails.


Svatovítské náměstí 105, Osečná, 463 52

Phone:+420 485 179 208

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