Museum of Armoured Machinery in Smržovka

The Museum of Armoured Machinery is located in Smržovka. Besides its exposition, the Museum also organises demonstration rides and reconstructions of combat operations.

The beginnings of the collection of armoured machinery date back to 1999, when it came into existence on the initiative of Jaroslav Janoušek and Milan Klofát. Currently, there are about 30 exhibits in the exposition. The machines are installed in roofed halls, the premises include about a 1.5 ha area where sample rides and reconstructions of combat operations are carried out.

Since 2004, thematic events have been organised for the general public, when visitors may take a ride in some of the exhibits. The Museum also includes two job positions so as new acquisitions might be repaired and restored; recently, we have been putting into operation the Comet British tank, which is one of our last acquisitions. We have been considering opening thematic exhibitions in the future to give an idea, especially to the youngest generation of visitors, of famous as well as tragic moments of Czechoslovak and European history.


Jana Švermy, Smržovka, 468 51

Phone:+420 602 370 575
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