Tanvald sightseeing circuit

The sightseeing path around the wider area of ​​Tanvald follows the lane markings of various colors.
Route length: approx. 20 km 
Marking: The Tanvald lookout circuit follows the strip marking of various colors. 
Course of the route: Tanvald, information center - crossroads under Terezínkou - Muchov - Svárov - crossroads Šulíkova skála - Příchovice rozc. cemetery - Světlá - Desná, U Dubu - Albrechtické sedlo - rozc. pod Špičákem - Špičák southern saddle - Kamenice between rafts and back to Tanvald through the Kamenice valley 
Places of interest along the way: 
Terezínka - The lookout rock on the slope of Muchov Mountain was modified as a brick lookout with a staircase in 1853. It was built by the owner of the Tanvald cotton spinning mill, Johann Mayer, and named it after his wife Terezia. Mayer, who lived with his family in Vienna, also had the nearby villa Bálovka built in 1845 as his holiday home. Terezínka is easily accessible from Tanvald along a red marked tourist route. 
Muchov - Just as the dominant feature of the Černostudniční ridge on its western Jablonec side is the peak of Černá studnice, so on its opposite eastern Tanvald-Hamer side, the rocky peak of Muchov (787 m above sea level) is an unmissable dominant feature of the same ridge. 
Svárov - today part of the town of Velké Hamry, lies on the left bank of the river Kamenice. In 1840, gendarmes and soldiers shot dead seven people during a demonstration for better working conditions at Liebig's textile factory. The event commemorates a monument to the victims. 
Šulíková rock - high above the valley of the river Kamenice lies the lookout Šulíková rock (660 m above sea level) below Jírov hill. There is a nice view of the valley of the river Kamenice, Tanvald and the eastern part of the Černostudniční ridge.
Maják Járy Cimrmana - The Museum of Cimrman's Time - Jára Cimrman Lighthouse was presented to the public with great glory in the U Čápa complex. The first official Cimrman Museum was christened by a large ensemble of actors of the Jára Cimrman Theater, led by Zdeněk Svěrák. 
Světlá - part of Šumburk n. D .. First mentioned in 1713. The Czech original name comes from Světlina, a felled forest. Today, there are scattered mountain cottages by the local road Šumburk n. D. - Příchovice. 
Tanvald-Žďár - first mentioned in 1702. Named after a fire, probably a forest or part of the village. A picturesque settlement with scattered mountain cottages on the partially deforested northeastern slopes of Malý Špičák and the eastern slopes of Tanvaldský Špičák. 
Špičák - The Tanvaldský Špičák stone lookout tower is one of the most famous in the Jizera Mountains. Just because it is located at the top of the famous and popular ski area. In addition to the view of the wide surroundings, visitors can also enjoy a pleasant sitting and refreshments in our restaurant. The whole building dates from 1909. Camp Tanvaldský Špičák - Camp Tanvaldský Špičák is located in a quiet location at the foot of Tanvaldský Špičák in the Jizera Mountains. For half-day and full-day trips from here, you can visit all tourist destinations in the Jizera Mountains, the Giant Mountains and the Bohemian Paradise. Within ten minutes you can reach the boarding station of the Tanvalský Špičák bike park cable car from us.
Detailed route description: The route starts in the city center at the Tanvald information center. The sign leads along the main road towards Jablonec n. N., from where we then turn together with the red tourist sign and climb the foot of the Muchov hill. Follow the red sign to the Terezínka lookout rock (beautiful view of the Kamenice valley, the towns of Tanvald and Desná). From here we climb to the top of Muchov (787 m above sea level, circular view of the Giant Mountains, Jizera Mountains, Ještěd ridge and Kozákov hill in the Bohemian Paradise). We continue along the yellow tourist sign to Svárov, where in 1870 ). After the bridge over Kamenice, still following the yellow road to the Šulík skála viewpoint (view of the Kamenice valley, the Tanšina housing estate in Výšina, behind it Špičák hill - 808 m above sea level, famous ski resort, Smržovka in the background, Velké Hamry south and Kozákov ridge in the distance) . The yellow tourist sign will take us to Příchovice, where the dominant feature of the U Čápa complex - the Jára Cimrman Lighthouse rises. The marked blue road then takes us to the valley of the river Desná. We continue along the green to the settlement Žďár, which is part of Tanvald. We will reach the Albrechtice saddle and then we will climb the blue road to the crossroads below Špičák. It is worth climbing to the top of Špičák (808 m above sea level, cottage and lookout tower from 1909) and admiring the views of the Jizera Mountains. From Špičák we return to the circuit and continue to the saddle of Špičák, through the Camp Tanvaldský Špičák to the river Kamenice (crossroads between the rafts) and along the water back to the center of Tanvald to the beginning of our route.


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