Jirásek`s Theatre, Česká Lípa

The Jirásek Theatre in Česká Lípa was ceremonially opened on 27th October 1945 with the opening night of The Lantern - Lucerna by Jirásek in the rendition by the local Jirásek theatre company.

The theatre regularly hosts professional as well as amateur theatre companies and participates in organizing the festival of amateur theatrical production titled Českolipský divadelní podzim every autumn. It also organizes a large number of community and cultural events, festive performances and concerts.

Divadelní klub Jirásek (Jirásek theatre club) is linked both to the history and the present of the theatre.

In the building, there is a theatre café, offering a pleasant and unusual place to sit down. It is always opened one hour before a performance and, when pre-arranged, also after the end of a programme.

mailCeska Lipa

Panská 3 / 219, Česká Lípa, 470 01

Phone:+420 487 522 300

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