The glass studio Spider Glass

The glass studio Spider Glass is situated close to city Frýdlant, in town Heřmanice, in region Jizera Mountains (Jizerske hory).

The glass studio was founded in 1990. At the beginning it was concerned with designs and implementations of glass interiors both inland and abroad. In last years the glasswork has been specialising in original handmade glass products from the smallest glass jewels with utility glass following glass monumental objects

The products of the Spiderglass studio are exported to the European countries and over sea [Rotterdam, Singapure, Frabce, Dubai, Dallas USA or Poland...] and we realised the exhibitions of our products in Ronnenburg and Gorlitz in Germany, Luban and Zgorzelec in Poland, Roden and Coevorden in Netherlands, Marseille in France, Dubai in UAE.

After prior phone or e-mail order it is possible within whole week to organize a special excursion of the whole plant, the sampleroom and the products shop.

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