Žandov is located west of Česká Lípa, on the right bank of the Ploučnice. It is surrounded by wooded hills of České Středohoří.

The first record of Žandov dates back to 1282. During the course of history several noble families owned Žandov. The family of Berka of Dubé owned Žandov for the longest period and from 1428 it was owned by the Vartenberk family. The dominant feature of Žandov is St. Bartholomew's Church, rising up in the north above the square. There is a fountain from 1853 in the middle of the quadrate square.

In the environs of Žandov you will find numerous good tourist destinations; České středohoří in the south-west and Holanské rybníky in the south-east are the most attractive of them.


Žandov, 471 07

Phone:+420 487 723 799

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