Chapel of St. Procopius, Zásada

The chapel in Zásada is the second biggest chapel in Bohemia. It was built in 1749 according to plans by Mason Master Jiřík Folkert of Železný Brod.

The chapel is built in the Baroque style. There is a beautifully engraved altar and lovely oil paintings inside the chapel. Passion plays used to be held here until 1859.

There is a legend told by locals about the foundation of the chapel in Zásada:
In Zásada, there used to be the "U Janů” pub where guests from the surrounding area gathered. The owner of the pub - Jan Šourek, became very rich, and only his old maid knew where he hid his money. One night a gang of bandits attacked the pub. They bound Šourek and searched for his money. Awakened by the noise, the maid took her master’s money and hid it in bushes by an oak tree which stood near the current chapel. Then she woke up the neighbours and with their help warded off the bandits. Out of gratitude for surviving, Jan Šourek supposedly had the chapel built in the place where the money had been hidden.


Zásada, 468 25

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