Velké Hamry

Velké Hamry, a town specialized in iron and brick making, is located at the stream of Kamenice, 2km south of Tanvald.

No written documents or remains of any iron-mill have been preserved; only a few local names indicate that people used to make iron there. The advantageous location of the village at a river, a water source, helped in the development of the settlement.

As far as historical monuments are concerned, St. Wenceslas's Church, St. Wenceslas's Chapel from the 18th century and St. Ann's Chapel from the 19th century have been preserved in Velké Hamry. A stone Pieta, a protected monument evidencing folk stone-cutting art, dates back to the 1st half of the 19th century. It is located in a group of trees in a garden on the road to Bohdalovice.

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