Svor is located 5km north-east of Nový Bor, in Klíčská hornatina under Klíč.

The village was first mentioned in 1502. Originally there used to be a manor in which six farmsteads were set up later. The oldest documented owners were members of the family of Berka of Dubá. In the western part of Svor on the road to Kytlice there is the Holy Trinity Assumption Church. It was built in the place of a former chapel, built in 1745.

Svor is predominantly a holiday village. North-west of the village uphill, there are remains of Rousínovský Castle, built on a former merchant route. In Svor the Holy Trinity Assumption Church and several wooden houses of Lužice type have been preserved. A forest pond, suitable for swimming, is located in romantic landscape west of the village.


Svor, 471 51

Phone:+420 487 751 522

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