Proseč pod Ještědem

Proseč pod Ještědem is located south of Liberec, not far from Český Dub and Hodkovice nad Mohelkou.

The village was documented first in 1535, but the area was colonized already in the 12th century. Proseč is known for the occurrence of semi-precious stones; agates, bull quartz, jaspers and chalcedony were found in two quarries.

Proseč is a place where visitors will not be bothered by the hustle and bustle of cities and civilization. Proseč is also popular with lovers of flying. Pilots of hang-gliders take off from a special platform on the ridge above the village.

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Proseč pod Ještědem č.p.89, 463 43

Phone:+420 482 725 474
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