Mařenice is located in Lužické hory, 7km north-west of Jablonné v Podještědí.

The village houses are scattered along the Svitavka brook. The first notes on the village date back to 1372, a settlement started to be set up there from the 14th century, on the road to Žitava. The present-day St. Mary Magdalene's Church was built in the place of a former church, on a rise in the centre of the village.

Mařenice is primarily a holiday village. Two kilometres away from the village, there is Zámecký vrch, where a fortress used to be in the 14th century. If you go north, you will reach the Czech border with the Federal Republic of Germany. South-west of the village, there is Cvikov and if you go south, you will go through Mařeničky to Kunratice u Cvikova.

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