The village is located around 10km south of Liberec, on the route from Liberec to Prague. It lies in a valley of the Jeřmanický potok, between two hills - Javorník and Císařský kámen.

The first notes on Jeřmanice date back to 1543. Several original historical buildings have been preserved in the village. One of them is St. Ann's Church, located in the original place of a former chapel, dating back to 1755. The original chapel was reconstructed into a parish church in 1787. The current St. Ann's Church dates back to 1812. A presbytery was built later, in 1786.

Cycle tracks are connected to the tracks leading to Jizerské hory, Český ráj and Germany go through the village. Hiking trails follow a similar route.


Pastevní 274, Jeřmanice, 463 12

Phone:+420 485 145 189

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