Bítouchovská Zvonička - Belfry

The little belfry with an onion-shaped dome, covered with shingle, is one of the most significant monuments of folk architecture in the region of the Jizera River. The walled belfry, built in 1812, is located at the red trail, in the slope above the road in Bítouchov, part of Semily.

During the renovation in June 1996, the dome in the belfry revealed a round sealed box with a document written in 1911, saying, The belfry is being repaired on 9th December 1911 at the expense of the village of Bítouchov, with a contribution by the company of F. Schmitt. The spire was made in the factory in Jizerodolí by Stanislav Janotka and plumber Antonín Erban. At this time, the bell-ringer in charge is František Havel from Český Dub.

When the repair work on this modestly sized church structure was completed, in 1996 a new text was added and the box with the two texts was sealed again. However, during the same year the belfry needed to be repaired again as it was damaged by ball lightning.

At present, the belfry is one of very few little monuments of folk architecture in the region.


Bítouchov, Semily, 513 01

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