Village Bynobec lies on a right bank of river Elbe, 6 km northeast from centre of town Decín, 6 km south-south-east of Hrensko.

Till 1990 it was a part of village Arnoltice, after 1990 obtained independence. First mentions from 1515 as part of Benešov´s domain under authority of castle Ostrý. Rectangular two-storeyed baroque manor with knee roof from second half of 17th century, after confalgration (1791) rebuilt. Adjoining classicist building from first third of 19th century. Late baroque chapel with six paned bell tower. Lumped estate of older popular houses with composite construction technology (brickwork, timbering, half-timbering). Rural surroundings. Behind village in course to Růžová flying-field for ultralights. To northwest is aiming Alej (Alley) - 4 km long direct road to former villa Belvedér (Belvedere). Bathing place 1,5 km to northeast in recreatinal settlement Nový Svet (New World).


Bynovec, 405 02

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