Ride Your Bike to Poland

Steep downhill route to Poland.

Length of the route: 32 km

Course of the route: Take the cycle-bus to Špindlerova bouda chalet, take the steep downhill route to Poland to the crossroad near the car park approx. 4 km away, and turn right onto the ER2 international cycle route. Its marking is located on trees and poles as a green symbol of a cyclist with the ER2 name. By taking the route called Droga Sudecka you ride to the Borowice hamlet, which you pass on the right hand side. After Borowickie Skalki you turn to the right and after a further approx. 1.5 km turn to the right again for Karpacz Gorny (the Wang church). Following the ER2 you pass along the building site of a large hotel and cross the Lomnica brook, then pass by Ksieza Gora on the left and the Western City, heading for Krzaczyna, a quarter of Kowary. You follow the ER2, avoiding the town centre, via Jedlinky and Glaz pamiatkowy. The Zolta Droga route takes you above Gorne Kowary, offering the Park Miniatur, a radon spa and underground mine shafts 2 km in length with a 100 m gradient. You continue riding uphill following the ER2 and reach the main road to Pomezní Boudy where you take to the ride for Pomezní Boudy – Horní Malá Úpa (the cyclo-bus departs at 16.35).

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