The observatory was started in the early 1960s in the building of a former gunpowder store.

Structural adjustments associated with the renovation and revitalization of the Jičín Observatory started on the occasion of the solar eclipse on 11 August 1999.

The observatory building was originally the property of the Ministry of National Defence and served as an ammunition warehouse. It was changed into an observatory in the 1960s and for some time, it has served this purpose. After a break, the building began to serve its original purpose again after 1999.

Thanks to the financial support from the municipal authority, required equipment, books and images were purchased. The main support (2001) was great financial aid provided by J. B. Horáček from Kralovice u Turnova under his “Bohemian Paradise Foundation”; the contribution was used to purchase a proper telescope from collections from the Czech Technical University.

In the 1990s, the work of the observatory was not as intense, but in 2003 a new 50-cm-diameter newton-type telescope was installed. Today, the observatory is part of the K-klub that concentrates interest activities and hobbies in the town. Visitors are offered classic observations of the Sun and the evening sky and they can attend occasional lectures by invited speakers. More information can be found in the Municipal Information Service bulletin. If you are interested, you can use the observatory equipment for independent observations.

Location: on the outskirts of Jičín along the road to Vokšice.

Open year round subject to a previous telephone agreement on Fridays after dusk.


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