Outdoor Discovery Co. is perfectly well-coordinated team. Sports and entertainment programs for companies, individuals, school groups and families with children, including accommodation and other ancillary services constitute the vast list of their daily work and deal with them since 1991.

Come explore the beauty of the Bohemian Paradise, Giant Posázaví or on a bike, a canoe, on foot or from the top of the rock. Prepare here for you to measure sports, entertainment, or outdoor teambuilding program. Cocktail of activities, you'll never forget.

There is a team of active athletes with years of experience in the sale of outdoor sports programs. They take their guests to the rocks and caves, climb the ropes in the trees, rides down the river, running and biking in the woods or conquer castles.
For the company provides business entertainment, teambuilding and other key programs anywhere in the Czech Republic.

For schools and kindergartens organized fun sports programs in the countryside, where not only learn new skills but also practice their memory and test their courage.
For families offers an active holiday full of fun, adventure and extraordinary experiences.

Ostrovského 36B, 150 00 Praha 5
IČO: 25618083, DIČ: CZ25618083