St. Wenceslas Church in Veliš

The village of Veliš received its name as the work of Velech. The village dominant has always been the church, consecrated to the patron of the Czech country, St. Wenceslas, who was the leader of Czech Princedom in 10th century and aimed to strengthen Christianity and peaceful relationships.

At the verge of the 16th and 17th century, count František Josef Schlik started changing the landscape of his manor into the composition of mutually inter-connected landscape elements with practical and also spiritual content, today known as Marian garden, After his death his second wife continued with the commenced intention – religious and art loving woman – countess Anna Josefa Schlik, born of Kolowrat. In Veliš close to the location of original Gothic church from the 14th century, she used the plans from Anselm Martin Lurago and between 1747 and 1752 built exceptionally valuable Baroque church comprising of a beautiful example of illusion disposition.

The area around the church is eye-catching. It is also the work of Lurago – he placed the church in the centre if cemetery in the central disposition. The cemetery surrounded by the wall originally included four square charnel houses with bevelled corners. It was originally decorated with paintings, outside and inside. Two were destructed after fire. The only one remaining has a statue of an angle on the pyramid roof; the second has the statue of Christ resurrection. Flat staircase leads to the church with the sides containing the statues of six saints, their height is decreasing in order to reach perspective illusion.

The church contains a single nave with rectangular ground plan and semi-circle presbytery. The nave sides contain two sacristies and above the western, main frontage there is a prism tower with cant bay at the bottom and attic with wings at the top. The church has three large entrances. Above the main entrance with rectangular portal two angles are holing a painting of Stará Boleslav God-bearer with the signs underneath, the families Šlik and Kolovrat-Krakov. Large arc window is above the portal with openwork cornice and with the wedge with plasters on the sides supporting the upper triangle tympanum with a small window called the dormer. The sides of the portal include the statues of two Czech patrons, on the left there is St. Vojtěch and St. Prokop is on the right. The church is designed in Baroque style original from the construction period, the main altar contains Hellich's paintings of St. Wenceslas, the side altars contain the paintings of Virgin Mary and St. Ann from the same author from the 70s of the 19th century.

The presbytery contains Votice painting from 1756 with the church foundation with displayed founder of the church. 


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