Jesenný is located in the north of Český ráj, on the left bank of the Kamenice, at an elevation up to 616m. It has two parts - Jesenný and Bohuňovsko. There is a train stop in Bohuňovsko.

In the middle of the 16th century the village belonged to the Navarov estate. In the past iron ore was mined in Jesenný and its neighbourhood. Wood for the blast furnace was floated from Jizerské hory on the Kamenice. In 1893 the Rössler brothers converted the factory into a paper mill, which closed not long ago.

From Jesenný you may set out on excursions to Český ráj, western Krkonoše and the eastern part of Jizerské hory. Popular tourist places in the surroundings are Palackého stezka in the valley of Kamenice, the ruins of Navarov Castle and Bozkovské dolomitové jeskyně. Diving courses and other diving events are organized in the local flooded quarry.


Jesenný 13, Jesenný, 512 12

Phone:+420 481 683 166

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