Soběslavice is located around 7km west of Turnov and around 6km south-east of Český Dub, in the rather densely populated neighbourhood of Pěnčínsko.

The time that the village was founded cannot be determined exactly, but according to a legend, Soběslavice was founded by Prince Soběslav II. The first records of the village date back to 1371.

As far as cultural monuments are concerned, the Chapel of St. John of Nepomuk has been preserved, built in 1831. Till the 19th century there were remains of ramparts and a moat of a fortress which used to stand in the location of current house No. 19 and was allegedly founded by Prince Soběslav. A major part of the village is used for recreation.


Soběslavice 50, Pěnčín u Liberce, 463 45

Phone:+420 482 728 309

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