Svijanský újezd

The small and peaceful village of Svijanský Újezd is located close to Turnov.

According to archeological research, traces of the first settlement date back to the Late Stone Age. The first record of the village dates back to 1436. There are several timbered houses from the 17th century in the village. There is the reconstructed village square with 28 linden trees in the centre of the village - a pleasant place for a rest. The dominant feature of the village is a pseudo-gothic church from 1868.

Svijanský Újezd is known for its rich cultural and social life. Slavnosti Svijanského piva, always held in July, made the village famous beyond the border of the region.

mailSvijansky Ujezd

Svijanský Újezd 27, Pěnčín u Liberce, 463 45

Phone:+420 482 720 070

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