The village with timbered architecture and the Church of St. Václav is situated near Mnichovo Hradiště, about 1 km below Valečov Castle.

The first written mention of the village is in 1057. Since 1990, Boseň has been an independent village. It includes the estates of Mužský, Zásadka and Zápudov. Mužský, the core of the village predominantly formed by timbered buildings, was declared a rural conservation area. 

The Church of St. Václav with an interesting interior and 1733 confessional booth is situated here. An 1816 Empire gravestone and the tomb of Aleš Lyžec are to be seen in the cemetery.

Boseň is an excellent starting point for hikes to the Mužský and Příhrazské rocks. The village is part of the protected Bohemian Paradise, with plenty of greenery and protected sites, buildings and trees.  

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