The Újezd pod Troskami War Museum

The museum is located in the small village of Újezd pod Troskami, below the Trosky Castle Ruins, in the Bohemian Paradise protected landscape area.

The museum is located directly in the village square next to the U Kovářů pub (a former store). 
Refreshments are available right next to the entrance to the museum. In the area, you can visit Kost, Valdštejn and Trosky Castles, and the châteaux of Hrubá Skála, Malý Rohozec, Humprecht, Sychrov and Humprecht u Sobotky, the Prachovské skály rocks, Jinolické Ponds,etc.


The Prussian-Austrian War
An explanation of the Battle of Jičín, 105 exhibits related to this period.

World War I
An explanation about battles in Italy and legions in Russia, 90 exhibits.

The First Czechoslovak Republic
An explanation of the state defence, first republic soldiers and machine gun model 26.

World War II
Events concerning the Libuň area, the "ANTIMONY" unit, death marches, F. Truhlář - a Western pilot, 100 exhibits from the period, anti-aircraft cannon model 38

Mannequins in period costumes, an opportunity to try out some of the exhibits.

Documentation about WWII plane crashes

Information about plane crashes with explanations and fragments collected from the sites of disasters.
Seven events are documented, including historical photographs.

The Military History Club maps the location of place crashes in the Semily district.
1. He177
2. Ju88
3. Bf110
4. DC3
5. Si204
6. Do17
7. P39


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