Rychnov u Jablonce nad Nisou City Museum

The City Museum in Rychnov u Jablonce nad Nisou was ceremonially opened in the building of the Rychnov Town Hall in April 2008.

The Museum presents a select exposition reminding of the rich tradition of painting and arts and crafts in Rychnov from the end of the 18th century. The displayed items include small-sized art objects, tins, etc. objects made from papier-mâché, and hanging pictures, mostly with religious topics. Many of the works won significant awards at world exhibitions at their time. The Museum is located in the building of the Town Hall.

mailRychnov u Jablonce nad Nisou

Husova 490, Rychnov u Jablonce nad Nisou, 468 02

Phone:+420 488 880 927
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