The village in a valley of the stream of Oleška, 8km south-east of Semily, is a crossing of routes to Krkonoše and Český ráj. Košťálov was first mentioned in historical sources as early as in the 12th century.

Around 1361 the Waldstein family built Košťál Castle above Želechovský potok. In 1514 the castle was allegedly deserted; nowadays there are only remains of its ramparts and walls on a wooded hill above a swimming pool. The Gothic Church of St James, dating back to the 14th century, was reconstructed in the Baroque style in 1717.

The village developed quickly a hundred years ago when textile factories were set up. At the present time 1,600 residents live in Košťálov; the local swimming pool ranks among the most beautiful ones and is very popular in summer.


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