Trip to Jedlová and Tolštejn

In the western part of Lusatian Mountains, all tourists are captured by the massif of the third highest mountain of this range – Jedlová. There is a green marked tourist path leading to its peak from the railway station Jiřetín pod Jedlovou. The path ascends from the town along a Calvary to Křížový vrch and village Jedlová. From this village it continues to a red marked tourist path. We can follow this path for 1,5 km to a branch road to the peak.

There is a 23m high view tower on the peak of Jedlová, next to it stands a mountain chalet. There is a nice view from the tower to Czech Switzerland, Lusatia, Jizera Mountains and Czech Paradise. On the top, there is also a monument devoted to the poet Friedrich Schiller. Around this monument, there are stones from 19 neighbouring villages which helped to put up the monument in 1905.

After return from the top, we continue along the red marked path to a pass and the green path, which we left in the village Jedlová. The red path continues to a ruin of the castle Tolštejn. The caste was established in the 13. century and burned down at the end of Thirty Year War. It was never rebuilt. Nowadays, there is an access to the rock on the peak, which offers a nice view of surrounding landscape and Jedlová.

Jiretin pod Jedlovou

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