The Podvrší guesthouse offers accommodation in the neighbourhood of the village of Osečná, in the local part of Lázně Kundratice, in a quiet location near a forest.

The Podvrší guesthouse is especially suitable for larger groups or more families with children as well as for short celebrations. Accommodation is provided in eight rooms with two to six beds with shared bathrooms and toilets. There is a fully-equipped shared kitchen available. We also offer two apartments with ensuite bathrooms and toilets.


Podvrší 303, Osečná, 463 52

GSM:+420 737 351 548
+420 737 136 540
communal bathroom
TV in the common room
cooking facilities
conference room
grill, fireplace
garden, terrace
training equipment
dance floor
playing field
sporting equipment rental
car park
coach parking
Additional services


: 250 CZK


Total capacity of beds: 34
Types of room: twin, three-bed, four-bed, multiple-bed, suites
Number of double rooms: 2
Number of three-bed rooms: 1
Number of four-bed room: 3
Number of multiple-bed rooms: 2
Number of suites: 2

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