Lučany nad Nisou

Lučany nad Nisou is located at the foot of Jizerské Hory close to Jablonec nad Nisou. The original weavers` village was first documented in 1623.

Because the local climate is rough and not suitable for farming, glassmaking developed in the village. In the 19th century glass and costume jewellery was made most of all. Besides that glassmakers specialized in the manufacture of glass raw material (glass rods and canes) and dominated the line within the glassmaking area in Jizerské hory. There were also numerous small cutting shops in the village, manufacturing the glass stones for metal costume jewellery.

Lučany has remained a glassmaking village up to now, focused on the manufacture of glass raw material. It is also a holiday resort with numerous guesthouses, summer cottages and other holiday facilities. The area is predominantly good for skiing, mountain bike cycling and hiking excursions to nearby Jizerské hory.

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