Koberovy is located between Turnov and Železný Brod. It extends in a valley between the Hamštejn and Fialník hills in the beautiful landscape of Český ráj. A hiking trail leading to Suché skály leads through the village.

The village was founded in 1190. In the period from 1450 to 1550 the settlement belonged to Vranov Castle and then, from 1540, to the estate of Hrubý Rohozec. The cadastral area of Koberovy also includes Besedice, Vrát and the settlements of Hamštejn, Chloubov, Michovka, Zbirohy and Prosíčka.


Koberovy 140, Železný Brod, 468 22

Phone:+420 483 389 346
Fax:+420 483 389 346

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