Josefův Důl

Josefův Důl is located north of Jablonec nad Nisou, in a valley of the upper course of Kamenice.

There is a manor house which used to the residence of the Counts of Des Fours Walderode. There are some other monuments, such as the Transfiguration Church, presbytery dating back to 1862 and Renaissance school building dating back to 1879. There are lots of holiday houses and farmhouses in the village, evidencing the local rural architecture. Josefův důl has a very old glassmaking tradition.

Josefův důl is surrounded by woods of Jizerské hory. There is Josefodolská přehrada in the valley, the biggest dam in Jizerské hory. Josefův Důl and adjacent villages are currently popular starting points for sports and other activities in every season.

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