Desná v Jizerských horách was founded in 1691 by Count Albrecht Maxmilián Desfours. The current village is a merger of several small settlements.

It extends in a valley along the streams of Bílá Desná and Černá Desná and on adjacent slopes. The village flourished in the second half of the last century thanks to a well-known spa. Nowadays there is a park in the place where the spa used to be. There is the Riedl Villa in the park, which is interesting architecturally. It was built by local glass businessman Josef Riedl in 1895.

Desná is now a popular summer and winter resort with lots of guesthouses and other accommodation facilities. Desná is situated close to the ski centre in Špičák. Mariánská Hora, one of the most beautiful holiday villages in Jizerské hory, is attached to Desná.

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