Bulovka is one of the oldest villages in Frýdlantský výběžek. Two villages - Arnoltice and Dolní Oldříš are administered by Bulovka.

There is the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, an interesting building in the village, which was reconstructed several times before it acquired its current, very picturesque look. Below Bulovka there is a valley of the Bulovský potok; the village of Arnoltice is located in the valley. You will find St. Magdalene's Church and a beautiful stone bridge there. Dolní Oldříš is located behind a wood north of Bulovka; there is St. Martin's Church and a memorial roadside cross.

The beautiful landscape around Bulovka and Frýdlantský výběžek invites you to set out on a trip to the near Frýdlant Castle or to Jizerské hory. The area located east of the village is interesting for hikers and cycle tourists, because it is still natural and untouched.

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