Jablonné v Podještědí

Jablonné v Podještědí, a picturesque town, is located at the foot of Lužické hory, 30km west of Liberec. Visitors will admire its natural beauties and other sights.

A significant name from our history is connected with the town - Saint Zdislava. The town is also known for numerous historical buildings which, however, were burned down in a fire in 1788. The reconstruction of the town after the fire was aggravated by marching of armies during the Napoleonic Wars. Jablonné was even visited by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Nowadays you will find plenty of historically interesting buildings and renovated timbered houses in Jablonné. Visitors will also admire rich beauties of nature; Jablonné is a good starting point for excursions to Lužické hory.

Jablonne v Podjestedi

Jablonné v Podještědí, 471 25

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