Rovensko pod Troskami

Rovensko pod Troskami is a town located south-east of Turnov in the direction of Jičín, west of Lomnice nad Popelkou. It lies at the confluence of Veselka and Václavka in the picturesque landscape of Český ráj.

The first records of Rovensko date back to 1371. In the reign of Charles IV the tradition of precious stone and Bohemian garnet cutting began.

Several historical monuments have been preserved in the town. For example St. Wenceslas's Church, a wooden bell tower with reversed bells, several statues and a sculptural group and others. The dominant feature of Rovensko and the surrounding region is the ruin of Trosky Castle. Kozákov hill is located nearby. It is is known for the occurrence of semi-precious stones, in particular agates and amethysts.

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