Many places and many cities can boast of their magnificent history and beautiful setting in the surrounding countryside, but only a few can offer a combination of so many singular and remarkable sightseeing as the city of Mělník.

The city stretches itself over an argillite hill located in a picturesque countryside overlooking the confluence of the river Elbe and the river Vltava, right opposite the legendary and mythological Říp mountain.

Since as early as the 10th century the place has been connected with the history and development of the Czech country and state. It belonged among the oldest prince´s and later king´s dowry towns, and the wives of Bohemian dukes and kings used to have their residences there.

The first records of Mělník as a city come form a privilege granted by King Přemysl Otakar II of the 25th November 1247, which regulated the share in the profits from trade on the river Elbe.

A dominant landmark of the city, which can be seen from far away, is the castle with the adjoining St.Peter and St.Paul Cathedral. The present shape of the castle is a result of gradual reconstruction from the original Romansque castle. From the time of Gothic reconstruction St. Ludmila Chapel has been preserved, as well as the entrance gate and the remnants of a staircase tower.

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