Rules of behavior in national parks and reservations

Information and advice for the visitors of national parks and reservations.

In the reserve it is prohibited:

  1. to disturb the peace,
  2. to damage rocks, to throw and roll stones,
  3. to damage the banisters, the steps, the benches, the information boards, the signs and other equipment of the reserve,
  4. to damage the water and the soil environment,
  5. to dig up young trees or other plants. Further it is prohibited to catch the reserves free living animals,
  6. to smoke, to start fires or to camp,
  7. to make or spread litter,
  8. to let dogs roam lose,
  9. to ride on horseback or on a bicycle off the designated paths,
  10. to organize group sport activities without permission from the local government or other owners,
  11. to drive motor vehicles outside of the parking area. Further it is prohibited to carry out any sort of repairs on motor vehicles, to wash them or to change oil.

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