Krkonoše muzeum - Exposition Památník zapadlých vlastenců

The museum\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s collections remind people of the history and life in the Czech mountain village - from flax processing and wood turning to bead stringing. References to theatrical and music traditions of the village may be found here.

The Museum was established in 1958, making use of the collections gathered by Věnceslav Metelka, country teacher, whose memoirs inspired K.V. Rais to write his Zapadlí vlastenci (Backwood Patriots) novel.

In 1979, the exposition was extended by the exhibition of the Krkonoše violin-making school, the founder of which was V. Metelka. The rich collection of musical instruments covers the history starting from the school's founder, until the living violin-makers, the famous Pilař and Špidlena families.

The Museum's collections also remind people of the history and life of the Czech mountain village - farming, crafts, flax processing, wood turning, bead stringing. References to the theatrical and music tradition of the village may be found here.

Two operating looms may also be seen in the Museum and the moving crib made by the Škrabálek brothers at the beginning of the 20th century. All of these are complemented with photographs by Petr Kučera from 1900-1930.

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