Regional certification

Regionální certifikace Libereckého kraje

Dear customers,
when finding accommodation for your holiday or for a business trip you frequently look for a guide that would simplify your choice. The Liberec Region offers this guide in the form of Quality Seals, which are conferred to the accommodation facilities on the basis of Regional certification of service quality. Compared to other evaluation systems the Liberec Region Regional certification of accommodation facilities endeavours to take into account not only the scope of services, but also the overall impression of the establishment with regard to its type. Regional certification endeavours to take into account the frequently neglected fact that the services of every establishment are given by its character. When evaluating a mountain chalet or a congress hotel it will evaluate different aspects. 

-What is Regional Certification?

The “Regional certification of accommodation facilities“ project was launched by the Liberec Region in 2009 so as to simplify your orientation in the range of offered accommodation facilities.

- What types of accommodation were evaluated?
Any accommodation facility from the following categories could participate in the project: Hotel, hotel garni, Motel; guest house; Private accommodation.

- What are the criteria for acquiring individual seals?
On the basis of an evaluation each of the registered accommodation facilities was conferred a bronze, silver, gold or diamond seal. The best quality facilities received the TOP DIAMOND rating. The evaluation comprised both technical and qualitative (smartness of the exterior, signposting, above-standard services, etc.) sections. Specific items that were evaluated are given in the appended evaluation forms (you can view the evaluation forms below this text).

- How can you recognise a certified accommodation facility?
Every accommodation facility has a sticker on the door bearing the quality seal, or a certificate in the entrance area.

- Which quality seal is suitable for my purpose?
Bronze Quality Seal
Silver Quality Seal
Gold Quality Seal
Diamond Quality Seal
Top Diamond Quality Seal

We believe that Regional certification will provide you with good advise, so look for this quality seal on our web pages or in accommodation facilities, which are identified by either a sticker on the entrance doors or by certificates visible in the entrance areas.

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The first phase of Regional certification of accommodation facilities was realised within the scope of the “Liberec Region Integrated tourism project“ (CZ.1.13/3.2.00/02.00093). This project was chosen within the terms of ROP NUTS II Northeast and was co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development.

Regional certification does not replace and is not an alternative to the Official unified classification of accommodation facilities, assured by the CZ Association of Hotels.

Regional certification of accommodation facilities and its goals

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