Jazzinec, author: IC Trutnov
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Jazzinec 2017

International Music Festival in Trutnov.
Kriss Kristofferson, author: Archiv ŠIMMI AG
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Kris Kristofferson will perform in Sychrov!

On Saturday, on 01.07.17, the concert of Kris Kristofferson, the living legend of American country music, will take place in the Sychrov Castle gardens. Even if country music is not your cup of tea, everybody should remember four names: Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Kris Kristofferson. These four
Zákaz vjezdů, author: Korid LK
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Where it is possible to drive in the Jizera Mountains and where is it prohibited

Janov nad Nisou
When visiting the Jizera Mountains, you should know that it is prohibited to drive off the roads and thoroughfares or to park a motor vehicle or a caravan outside the designated areas when in the Jizera Mountains Nature Reserve.
Dětský den na Jizerce, author: Vratislav Lelek
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The children’s day at Jizerka with Izerína the Fairy

The children’s day at Jizerka with Izerína the Fairy.
Benátská!, author: www.benatska.cz
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Music Festival Benátská noc - The Night of Venice

A favourite traditional music festival, Benátská noc (The Night of Venice) is held regularly during the summer holidays at Malá Skála. Its focus is rock music, though many supplementary sporting and festive events are also organized. Up to a hundred Czech and foreign musicians perform here on a number of
Anenská sklářská pouť na Jizerce, author: archiv Dudovi
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St. Ann’s Glass Fair in Jizerka

July. Traditional glass festival with cultural programme, sale and production of arts and crafts made from glass and other materials.
Staročeské řemeslnické trhy v Turnově
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Old Czech crafts markets

An international overview of traditional crafts is held annually at the end of May on the premises of the museum and in the civic park of Turnov. Craftsmen from all regions of the Czech Republic, Poland and Holland regularly apply to feature here. Visitors will be accosted by workers of
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Dvořák’s Music Festival

The traditional Dvořák’s festival of Classical music is held in the enchanting area of Český ráj, specifically in the towns of Turnov, Sychrov, Jičín and Mladá Boleslav. It is regularly held in the month of June. Its aim is to give the audience a new perspective on the works of
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Jičín, the town of fairy tales

Jičín, the town of fairy tales is a traditional cultural festival regularly held in September. During this one-week festival enjoyed by children and adults alike fairy tales and fairies take control over the town of Jičín.
Setkání s Krakonošem v Harrachově, author: Město Harrachov
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Meeting with Krakonoš in Harrachov

This popular event is held annually since 1946. It is a folk celebration associated with Mardi Gras which includes a wide range of competitions and attractions for the whole family, the culmination of which is the arrival of Krakonoš and devils. It takes place regularly each first Saturday in March.
Prolínání - Sen o Jizerských horách Smržovka, author: archiv Město Smržovka
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Festival Crossing over - a Dream of the Jizerské mountains, Smržovka

The Crafts Fair of Smržovka and the Day of Food of the Jizerské Mountains are both annually held in May in the town of Smoržovka. An accompanying activity programme for children and adults, which usually entails rope-climbing, story-telling, horse-riding, graphic techniques, demonstrations of folk crafts, displays of domestic as well
Pivní slavnosti Harrachov, author: Město Harrachov
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Beer celebrations Harrachov

Traditional beer celebrations are held in July on the whole of the premises of the Harrachov glass factory and mini-brewery. Here, you have the opportunity of tasting both local beer and that of affiliated breweries. Usually a diverse cultural programme, a viewing of the beer-making process, a tour of the
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