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Orea Resort Sklář****, author: Orea Resort Sklář ****
Hotels and motels

Orea Vital Hotel Sklář****

The Orea Vital Hotel Sklář**** was extensively refurbished in 2006. It offers the most luxurious accommodation in the popular resort of Harrachov and is also one of the best equipped hotels in the Giant Mountains region. It offers accommodation in the upper part of Harrachov, at an altitude of 700
Hotel Břízky, author: Archiv Hotelu Břízky
Hotels and motels

Hotel Břízky

Jablonec nad Nisou
Hotel Břízky offers accommodation in city Jablonec nad Nisou, in region Jizera Mountains.
Congress centres

Convention Centre - Centrum Babylon

The convention centre is a part of the Babylon Centre in Liberec.
Congress centres

Convention Centre - Home Credit Arena

The convention centre is a part of the Home Credit Arena.
ZAMECKY HOTEL SYCHROV, author: EA Zámecký hotel Sychrov
Hotels and motels

Chateau Hotel Sychrov

One of the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic is the area of the Bohemia Paradise that is located less than 85 km from Prague. The Chateau hotel Sychrov offers accommodation on the very edge of the said area, 7 km from Turnov, 20 km from Liberec. The hotel
Wellness centrum, author: Archiv Centra Babylon, zaslala: Zuzánková Andrea
Relaxation, wellness

Wellness Centrum Babylon

Change your lifestyle in Wellness Centrum Babylon Liberec.
Relax a wellness - hotel Sklář, author: Orea Resort Sklář ****
Relaxation, wellness

Relax and Wellness Centrum - Orea Vital hotel Sklář

The hotel Orea Vital Sklář wellnes center has attracted many visitors and became very popular place for hotel guests to take a rest. Its skilled staff will recommend you the best suitable procedures. You can refresh yourself in the Pool Bar. Orea Vital hotel Sklář is situated in city Harrachov,
Lázně Kundratice, author: Lázně Kundratice, a.s.
Relaxation, wellness

Kunratice Spas

The Kunratice Spas are located 20 km out of Liberec.
Kolonáda -  fontána, author: Lázně Libverda, a. s.
Relaxation, wellness

Libverda Spa, a.s.

Lazne Libverda
LÁZNĚ LIBVERDA, a.s. is a traditional health resort situated in a village of the same name in a Jizera Mountains valley, 424 m above the sea level. It is a peaceful spot with pleasant climate but it will not make you feel deserted. Its 25 km distance from the regional
Solno-jodová jeskyně, author: archiv Centrum Babylon
Relaxation, wellness

Saline-iodine cave - Centrum Babylon

An oasis of health, relaxation and comfort from natural saline stones from the Dead Sea, Baltic Sea and salt lakes is situated in Babylon Centre Liberec.
Státní léčebné lázně Janské lázně, s. p., author: Státní léčebné lázně Janské lázně, s. p.
Relaxation, wellness

Spa Jánské Lázně, s.p.

Janske Lazne
Jánské Lázně spa is situated in the Krkonoše National Park at an altitude of 670 m at the foot of Mount Černá hora (1,300 m above sea level). The town is not just an ordinary spa but, at the same time, an important recreation, tourist and sports centre of the
Slatinný zábal, author: Lázně Bělohrad a.s.
Relaxation, wellness

Spa Lázně Bělohrad

Lazne Belohrad
Ann’s Peat Spa, situated in the quiet little town of Lázně Bělohrad, has 120 years of tradition behind it. The majority of clients coming to Ann’s Peat Spa suffer from ailments of the locomotive system.
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