A winter walk to the viewing tower Tábor

Zimní romantika na vrchu Tábor, author: Sdružení pro záchranu hradu Kumburku

Bohemian Paradise

When the sun comes out in the winter, it creates exceptional atmosphere and scenery in the Bohemian Paradise. Therefore, as soon as the sunny day comes, enjoy a walk to the top of Tábor hill, where you can view the countryside around wrapped in a white coat from the viewing tower, which undoubtedly ranks amongst the most beautiful in the Czech area.

Currently, the viewing tower Tábor is accessible all year round. It has its own turnstile entry for coins, and the entrance fee is 20 CZK. The nearest bus station is in Lomnice nad Popelkou (approximately 2 km) and the nearest railway station is in Ploužnice (approximately 1 km). If you take a car, you can park directly at the local guest house and restaurant at Tábor hilltop. In the winter, the access roads are maintained only by snowplough but they are mostly suitable for driving. The path to Tábor hilltop is fringed with the Stations of Cross. 

As soon as you manage the last step of the viewing tower, you will be rewarded with an outstanding view. You will be able to see several dozen viewing towers and hilltops in the area, e.g. Kozákov, Zebín, Trosky, Černá hora, Zvičina, Ještěd, Bezděz, and many more. The western slope of Tábor hill includes a protected site Jezírko pod Táborem (lake under Tábor)